The state51 Conspiracy Editorial Policy

The state51 Conspiracy Editorial Policy

The state51 Conspiracy encourages and supports high quality products which are well made and well presented. We also support retailers that encourage high quality music and exceptional customer experience.

It is a requirement of using our services that partners provide original music with compliant metadata, audio and artwork.

Where an editorial policy is in place at a retail service, we will not deliver any content that does not fulfil its quality criteria.

We reserve the right to remove content from availability where we reasonably believe it has been subject to fraudulent streaming activity.

We do not accept new accounts from providers of public domain content. Any public domain content is subject to specific terms and conditions.

iTunes Delivery Policy

state51 will not deliver any of the following content to iTunes:

  • Misleading content
  • Sound-a-like artists or performers
  • Duplicate public domain content
  • Content with legal or rights issues

Financial penalties and content take-downs may be imposed on partners who attempt to deliver any of the above content to iTunes.

All partners are encouraged to read and understand the iTunes Style Guide which you can find here:

Our guide to metadata is here: