Digital Reporting and Payments


Reporting Schedule
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We aim to report all sales on the 20th of the third month following the download/stream. For example, sales that occurred in January will be reported on the 20th of April. 3 months are currently necessary to collect and process all reports from digital services:

Month 1: Music fans download and stream your music

Month 2: The music service collates the data and creates reports to send us

Month 3: We process and check the data to create the reports we send you

It is important to note that some digital services send us quarterly sales reports. In that case January sales will be reported along with February and March sales on the 20th of June.

We are currently working on reducing the processing time.

Older sales might be included in your monthly reports if the digital service failed to deliver a valid report and payment on time.

Although unusual, a small number of sales may be delayed due to technical difficulties with processing the data. If this happens, sales will still be reported but in the next reporting cycle and we will explain the delay.

Reporting format

Links to download your digital sales reports will be emailed on the 20th of every month. The first report is a summary of all your sales, including top artists, services, countries and labels. The second report is an excel file detailing all your streams/downloads.

Example sales report (full detail and summary sheet)


If you signed the self-billing agreement: The state51 Conspiracy will raise invoices on your behalf for your digital sales. This invoice will be emailed to you along with the monthly report. It is important that the state51 knows if you are VAT registered or not. Please keep us informed of any changes in your fiscal positions.


You didn’t sign the self-billing agreement: Please send us your invoices by email to Invoices should display the reporting month, and be addressed to:

The state51 Conspiracy
17 Hereford Street
E2 6EX
(Reg number 6460702, Vat number GB929 7583 66)

If you are interested in signing the self-billing agreement, please fill in this form.


If you signed the self-billing agreement: Payments will be made monthly for all UK labels, and as soon as you reach the £50 threshold for all non UK labels. It should reach your account on the 10th of the month following the receipt of your report (see above schedule).


You didn’t sign the self-billing agreement: Payments will be made on the 10th of the month following the receipt of your invoice.

Greedbag Reports

Greedbag report information can be found here: