Preparing Your Artwork


Every release needs one piece of artwork to accompany the delivery.

There are a number of considerations for digital artwork. Most importantly, it must be high quality.

The Basics

Artwork must be in .JPG format.

4096 x 4096 pixels is strongly recommended but if you can’t, the minimum accepted size is 3000 x 3000 pixels.

RGB colour spacing (not CMYK).


Your artwork will be viewed in a variety of sizes, from a small thumbnail on a phone, to a large image on a flat screen TV or projector, you should cater for this. Artwork should be clear, well laid out and text should be easily readable.

Keep it simple, include your artist name and release title.

Don’t include any information on your artwork which is not included on the metadata and ensure the release title matches the title on the data, exactly.

Avoid including any websites or references to format: ‘7″ Single’ for example. Don’t refer to any digital service, or include any of their logos or branding.


Ensure your image isn’t pixelated or blurry and your text hasn’t been cropped. Nazi symbology is a big no, and so is pornographic imagery.