Product Management

Product Management

Here is some information about how to manage your products and send us your music.

A digital product is made up of three parts:

  • Audio
  • Metadata
  • Artwork

Upload these parts to your FTP folder and let us know when it’s ready. We will process your product (ingestion) and send it to music stores around the world (delivery).

Metadata Template

Metadata Example


Editorial Policy

First of all, always make sure your music meets our editorial policy.

We do not accept public domain, tribute, karaoke or sound-a-like music. If you would like to send classical music, please let us know in advance.


Send high resolution 24bit studio masters (WAV).  Never send MP3.


Every product needs a metadata sheet. The sheet includes information about the tracks and the product. Each product must have a unique barcode.

Greedbag – Multiple Formats

If you have a Greedbag store,  send us a metadata sheet for each format you are releasing, e.g. CD, vinyl and digital.

Make sure you group these formats together by using the same Grouping ID on your metadata sheet. This will group the different formats together on the same product page.


Artwork must be in JPG format, RGB colour spacing (not CMYK).

4096 × 4096 pixels is strongly recommended, the minimum accepted size is 3000 × 3000 pixels.

Conspiracy labels can use our Adobe software. Get in touch.

Name Your Files

Your barcodes will be the basis of the file names you send to us

  • Product Folder – barcode
  • Artwork – barcode.jpg
  • Metadata – barcode.xlsx
  • Audio Tracks – barcode_VolumeNumber_TrackNumber.wav

Screenshot 2015-03-18 11.52.45

If you are working with a lot of products, several file name-changer apps are available.

Upload Your Products

We accept releases by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) upload. It’s a reliable and efficient system for sending large files. Our team uses Cyberduck.

You should have already received your login details for our ftp server, either by email or by in your Greedbag store CMS.

Once you’ve opened your FTP client click “Open Connection”. Enter your login details (2). Click Connect (3).

Drag a folder containing your product(s) into the window that appears after logging in.

  • Do not upload ZIP files to the ftp as these will be rejected outright.
  • If the connection is failing, ensure your username and server name are not identical. Your username will feature an ‘@’ after your label name.
  • Ensure there are no leading or trailing empty spaces, these will causes the connection to fail.

Fill out the form below to let us know you have a release ready for delivery and one of our team will pick it up: