Working with state51 through your CI account

If you’re a CI client and want to deliver your products to some music services via state51, then the information here is your handbook for working successfully with us.

We explain how you can request deliveries, the importance of products meeting the requirements of our editorial policy, and how to request take downs or updates of products.

If you have more questions or need any more help at any time, please email us at – we aim to resolve queries within 48 hours.

Quality, iTunes and our Editorial Policy

Please read our editorial policy, which you can find on our website:

We can only deliver products to iTunes and Apple Music that meet Apple’s style guide requirements. Please make sure you are familiar with the style guide and that your products are compliant before requesting deliveries to iTunes.

The iTunes style guide is available in a number of languages from this link:

If we notice your products need updating to meet these requirements, we will ask you to update them before we can deliver to iTunes. Apple will flag and remove from sale any products that are not compliant. If we receive repeated flags from Apple about your products, we may have to stop delivering to iTunes for you. We can help you meet iTunes’ requirements. We have produced a guide to avoiding the most common metadata mistakes:

You can ask about iTunes’ requirements by emailing

How to request deliveries

To deliver products to music services on your behalf, we need you to send us a spreadsheet that tells us which products to deliver and where to send them.

You can do this by e-mailing

In your e-mail, you need to include a delivery sheet. This needs to be in a specific format; the ‘DeliveryTemplate’ file is available from the link below:

On the delivery sheet, include a list of UPCs under the ‘Product Barcode’ column (column A) and a list of delivery points under the ‘Services’ column (column B). Each music service has its own delivery point. For a complete overview of available delivery points, please check this DSP list:

Delivery Restrictions and Specialist Services

Some services only accept certain genres, or specific audio formats, or particular, approved labels. Some services require special label submissions prior to delivery.

The music services with restrictions are marked in our DSP list in the ‘Delivery restrictions’ column. This includes Beatport, Juno, Addictech and other dance and electronic services, and specialist stores Bleep and Boomkat.

Please do not request delivery to a service unless you meet the delivery restrictions.

To apply for approval from specialist stores, send us submission information by making a label page on state51’s Knowmusic Guide. Include a label logo (500×500 pixels minimum) and detailed information about your label, artists & upcoming releases. Contact for details about how to do this.

Here is an example of a label submission:

Delivery lead times

We suggest that you allow 2 weeks between sending a delivery request and the date you would like the product live on services. This will help make sure that there is enough time to resolve any problems with the products and ensure sufficient time for deliveries to complete.


To update a product, please use the same ‘DeliveryTemplate’ file and send to Please make it clear the order is an update.


A take down removes territory information from products, effectively telling services that they are not available for sale in the territory, in other words: ‘taken down’.

We strongly advise you to restore product territory information after a takedown by redelivering the metadata to CI. This makes sure your products remain active in your catalogue. This is important if for example you want to deliver them again at a later date.

Simply follow this process:

– Download the full product metadata from CI for the products you intend to take down

– Add the UPCs for the products you want to take down to the standard delivery sheet (‘DeliveryTemplate’)

– Send the sheet to clearly making a takedown request

– When you’ve received confirmation the takedown has been completed, do an update ingestion at CI to restore territory information on the products. This means the products remain active for future deliveries to other services

If you have more questions or need any more help at any time, please email us at – we aim to resolve queries within 48 hours.