Music Products

Music Products

This section of the guide will walk you through the three steps required to set up digital and physical music products on your store.

Step one: Prepare your audio, metadata and artwork


Please send WAV files.


Please send metadata sheets for each format of a release. Read our guide on metadata:

Metadata sheets for physical formats will be the same as the digital version, with three main differences:

  • Barcode – each format must have a unique barcode.
  • Sound Carrier – use the dropdown options: CD, 7″ Vinyl, 12″ Vinyl or File (digital)
  • Catalogue Number – use a different catalogue number for each format. For example, GREED01CD for the CD and GREED01LP for vinyl.
  • Grouping ID – to group formats together on the same product page use the same Grouping ID for each format. For example, for GREED01CD, GREED01LP and GREED01D use GREED01 as the Grouping ID.

Remember to check whether different formats have different track lists. There may be bonus tracks or different running orders on some of the formats.

If your release will be available in more than one physical format, you can use the same metadata sheet to deliver metadata about all of the versions. Use the first column in the metadata sheet, called ‘Check No’. Put ‘1’ in each row used by the first format, 2 for the second and so on. Each format will need a unique UPC, sound carrier and catalogue number as above and you should name the file with the barcode of the first format in the sheet.


Please send JPG format, RGB, 4096 pixels square. Bigger artwork is better! The artwork standards you need to meet are explained in our artwork guide:

Step Two: Upload your files

Put your artwork, metadata and audio in a folder and title the folder with the product UPC. Make a new folder for each format. If a release is physical only, you don’t need to send audio.

This is what a completed product folder should look like. Notice how the files are named with the UPC.

Screenshot 2015-03-18 11.52.45

Upload files using FTP software such as Cyberduck or Filezilla.

Your FTP login details can be found in the FTP/SFTP uploads section of the CMS.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.51.49

Once you have uploaded all of the above, please e-mail to tell us there is a new release in your FTP folder. Try to do this 4 weeks before release date and build pre-orders.

Step Three: Make live on the store

Digital releases

You can check if your release has encoded and is ready to go live in the ‘Edit Products & Stock Levels’ section of your store right at the bottom.

You will see all your releases listed in the Edit Product and Stock Levels section of your store’s dashboard.

Digital releases should automatically be ready to go live within a day or two of delivery.

Physical releases

Once the information about a physical release has been delivered to Greedbag, you need to:

  • add a price;
  • add ‘available in stock’ number;
  • add ‘max per order’ number;
  • add a postage band;
  • add an image, rich product description, embed video and reviews.

If you want to offer free downloads with physical products, you need to create a free download offer.

You can make physical products available for pre-order.

Why not add a photograph of your product too? Simply upload your image to the images section and copy the markup across to your product description box. You can also add video and streaming embeds.

If we are doing your fulfilment, we will add stock levels when your stock arrives here with us. If you want to add stock levels sooner, please make sure we know!

If you want us to ship multiple items as part of an order, please add details of the extra items in the variant name, like this Karl Blau LP, which we ship with a handkerchief:

Screenshot 2016-07-06 15.47.38

Step Four: Send a mailout

Use the mailout tool in the CMS to send an email to your subscriber list. Include a link to the product and an image.