How to set postage bands

‘Postage bands’ are the categories that define how much it will cost to send a product  in the post. You can include postage costs as well as your packaging costs, and you should think about weight, dimensions and volume.

Stores Fulfilled by state51

If you are using state51’s fulfilment service, just pick from a standard set of postage costs and apply one to each new physical product you sell.

You can see all the standard postage bands available to your shop by finding the Postage section in the dashboard. The section looks like this:

Here’s how to apply a postage band to one of your products:

  • Go to – Edit product and stock levels and select the product for which you want to set up postage.
  • Under Variants, click the variant of the product you want to work on.

  • Once in the variant, scroll to the bottom of the page to the section headed Variant stock and click Edit stock.


  • We offer a standard and special delivery price band for a range of items. For example: CD, LP, double album, t-shirt etc.
  • If you have a product that doesn’t fit the standard postage bands (a box set, for example), contact us.

Self-fulfilled Stores

Your self-fulfilled store is set up with the default state51 postage bands. These will cover pretty much everything but you can also add your own bands.

Go to the Postage section of the dashboard. It looks a little like this:

You can edit the standard post bands or create new ones. There are three sub groups to work with: Type, Territories and Bands.

  1. Type

You can set the postage type, e.g. recorded, first class, second class.

  • Select Edit.
  • Set the Charge.

2. Territories

You can set the region. Defaults are UK, Europe and World.

  • Set the Name.
  • Add its Countries.

3. Bands

To create a new band for an item not covered by the defaults, simply add new, name it and then:

  • Enter the Postage Type in the Name field. This will be the baseline charge for items charged at this band.
  • Set the Per Order amount. This is the amount charged on top of the baseline amount for an order made with an item charged with this band.
  • Set the Per Item amount. This is the amount that will be charged on top of the baseline amount for any item that is added to an ordercharged at this band