You can upload an image that appears at the top of every page of your store. Here are a couple of examples:

DG Header

CBTR Header

The default header width is 980 pixels wide.

Make sure your image is RGB in either .jpg or .gif or .png format then upload it to the Images section. Make sure it’s the rights size before uploading.

Copy the markup:

Go back to the Design page and paste the markup into the Site Header box. Save changes.

If you’d like your header to click through to a website, perhaps to the homepage of your store so customers can find their way back to the shop front easily, your code should look like this:

<a href=”http://www.where_you_want_the_banner_to_click_through_to_.co.uk/”> <img src=”<% image(my_new_store_banner.jpg) %>” alt=”your_label_name” title=”name_of_where_you_have_linked_through_to_eg_homepage” /> </a>

If you want to move your banner across the page horizontally, use the tag hspace, or vspace for vertical. Just play with the numeric value after the tag….

For example:

<a href=”http://www.softheartedscientists.com/”>
<img src=”<% image(greedbagbanner.png) %>” alt=”Soft Hearted Scientists” title=”homepage” vspace=”80″ />