As well as being completely customisable with CSS, every Greedbag store includes some basic design modifications as standard which, when used carefully, can change the whole look and feel of the store.

If you’d like to change the colours used on your store, follow these steps. Play around and get the look and feel you like!

First, click on Design in the CMS.

To change the colour of the background, check the box next to ‘Background colour’ and select a colour.

Change Background Colour

Scroll down and save changes and preview your new background colour in your store.

You can change all other colours in your store in the same way, including borders, text and departments.


Text Colour  affects body text in products, Your Greedbag, Help and Info, page numbers,  and footer (address). Changes in pink below.

Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.18.36

Background colour 

Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.24.11

Basket border colour

Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.26.43

Basket button border colour

Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.29.14

Add to basket button colour

Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.31.01

Department text colour also affects the search ‘Go’ button and the ‘Next’ page button.

Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.45.24Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.45.27Screenshot 2015-10-28 10.45.31

Packshot border colour

Screenshot 2015-10-28 11.01.21

Section buttons

Refers to the text of the ‘Add To Basket’ buttons in the product page itself.

Screenshot 2015-10-28 13.24.22

Change back to the defaults

To change back to the default colours, you just need to un-tick the box next to each section.