Bonus Products

Bonus Products

You can offer customers a free product when they buy something from your store: buy physical, get digital free offer.

In the Promotions & Offers section of the CMS, select Bonus Products.

Type the name of the physical product you want to trigger a free download in the search bar. A drop-down menu will appear. Click Add.

You will be taken to a page allowing you to choose the free product(s). You can add more than one format as part of the offer e.g. MP3 and wav giving customers both options.

The dropdown offers full products or single tracks.

The search bar will only show results for products with a ‘live’ status. If the product is set to ‘pending’ or ‘withdrawn’, you won’t be able to set up a bonus product.

Once an offer has been set up, a customer will receive a free download when their order for a physical product has been completed (i.e. paid for). An email with download link will be sent automatically.

Bonus Products

If you add bonus offers retrospectively, all customers who have bough the product in the past will be emailed with a download link.