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Our General Service AgreementTerms & Conditions and Policies are freely available to read and sign online:

Terms & Conditions

The agreement sets out the legal terms of our working relationship. It should be read alongside the Terms and Conditions for the Services you’d like us to supply you with. Once signed, we set up your account on our system and create an upload folder for you. This takes a few days in total but can be speeded up if you have an important release deadline.

We think we’re the first music company to publish and work to ethical standards. Read them here:

Ethical Policy

Information about reporting and payments can be found here:

Reporting and Payments

Once you’ve signed the General Services Agreement please read our guide to

Product Management

Support topics and FAQ are covered in detail here:


If you are a CI client and would like to deliver to some music services through The state51 Conspiracy, then please read our guide to requesting deliveries and managing products:

state51 + CI

A live list of all the digital music stores (aka digital service providers) we work with is here:

Digital Music Stores