The state51 Collective FAQ

Here are some of the questions we are asked the most about The state51 Collective digital distribution deal…

 What’s the state51 Collective deal about?

The state51 Collective is a digital distribution deal with free set-up, delivery and catalogue management, with efficient monthly reporting.

We make sure that your releases are live on all the world’s online music stores and return 91% of the revenue.

We are an unsigned band / DJ / producer, will the Collective deal work for us?

Yes, you can sign with state51 even if you aren’t signed with a record label. We can release albums as digital-only for you as well.

Where can you deliver my releases?

We’ll deliver your releases to as many shops around the world as possible, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and also genre-specialised stores if relevant.

Some of the services need to approve the labels before accepting their releases but we’ll provide you a submission form for these and process the requests on your behalf.

We are a label/distributor and already have direct deals with services, can we still use the Collective?

Yes! The Collective deal is for you. We already work with labels and distributors who have direct deals with some services and use the Collective to fill the gaps with any they either cannot or have not done deals with.

You can plug into over 50 services deals very quickly and efficiently via the Collective.

Is there any fee? What percentage do you keep from my sales?

There are no upfront fees or hidden costs. Set-up is completely free.

You get 91% of all revenue: The state51 Collective works on a profit share basis. 

I would like to sign the Collective deal, what should I do?

Head to this part of our website to sign up:


You can sign the contract electronically, please make sure you read it thoroughly and fill in all required fields.

Can you do promotion for us?

No, the Collective deal doesn’t include promotion. We’ll be happy to give you some advice about promotion but it’s your responsibility to point the fans to the digital stores and spread the word about your releases.

I signed my house label with state51 but I’d like to set-up a down-tempo label as well, do I need to sign a new contract?

No, we don’t require a new contract.

The new label will be set up as a sub-label of the label you originally signed with us, as long as you own both!

When do I get paid? Do I need to reach a minimum amount of sales to get paid?

3 months after your first sales and then monthly thereafter.

For example, January sales are paid in April.

Your reports are sent to you on or around the 20th of each month.

Payments are made on or around the 10th of the month after you receive your report.

If you have a foreign bank account, payments will only be made once accumulated sales have reached £50 or over. We pay the fees from our bank, but your bank might charge additional fees. We can also arrange payments via Paypal.

How will you pay my sub-label?

We only pay a single account, i.e. the label we have the original deal with. We can’t pay someone else for a sub-label

How do I send you my releases?

By uploading them to your own folder on our server.

We provide you with logins to our server so you can upload using a program like Cyberduck or Filezilla.

What do I need to send?

You send us three types of ‘asset’ for each release:

  1. Audio tracks (WAV format, stereo 24bit 96kHz; 24bit 48kHz or 24bit 44.1kHz)
  2. Artwork (JPG format, square, high quality – not blurry when seen at real size – minimum size 4000x4000pixels)
  3. Metadata spreadsheet

Send an email to when the upload is complete and we’ll do the rest.

You can read more information about creating your releases here:

Preparing Your Releases

What is metadata?

Metadata is the information about a release, like artist name, release name etc.

Metadata is filled out on a simple spreadsheet

Metadata is needed for each release, and includes things like: artist, title, catalogue number, UPC, track title, ISRC etc.

We’ll provide a blank template for you to fill in and a made up example of how a finished metadata document should look like.

It is very important to complete the metadata properly as it contains the information that will be used for the digital services to make your releases available.

What is a UPC? What is an ISRC code?

A UPC is a barcode. UPC stands for Universal Product Code.

We will give you as many barcodes as you need for your releases for free.

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings.

Each track you send us should have its own ISRC number.

We can send you ISRCs for your tracks if you don’t have them.

More info about ISRCs is here –

How long does it take for my releases to go live at the stores?

We ask the labels to provide the assets around 4 weeks before the scheduled release date so the digital services have got enough time to make it available.

It has been more than 6 weeks since I uploaded my release to your server but my release is not live everywhere, what happened?

Please let us know where the release isn’t live by sending us an email.

We do our best to make sure that the release is available in your choice of stores, but keep in mind that making a release live is ultimately the store’s decision.

I made a mistake and the artist name is wrong in the store, what can I do?

Let us know and we’ll ask the store to fix it.

Make sure you review metadata thoroughly before submitting the release to us, it’s a lot of information but you need to make sure that the title, artist, tracks etc. are spelt correctly so the customers can find your release in the shops.

I need a release to be taken down from the stores, is there a fee for this?

No, we don’t charge for taking down your release.

Email us telling us why you need the release taking down (copyright problem, artwork or audio replacement etc) and we’ll let the digital services know as soon as you’ve notified us.

Anything not in the FAQ?