Top Gift Ideas for Christmas from Greedbag


Top Musical Gift Ideas for Christmas From Greedbag

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Here’s our selection of festive gift ideas for your loved ones.

For the Film Lover

Terminator 2: Judgement Day Soundtrack (Double 12″ Vinyl)

Dun-dun dun, dun-DUN DUN! Brad Fiedel’s soundtrack for Terminator 2 is an absolute classic, and luckily enough Silva Screen agrees and have released a Double Vinyl LP. Click the image below!


Price: £22.99

From: Silva Screen Records

For the Outdoors Lover

Caught by the River Store

A fascinating store that you can spend hours browsing through various curios including badgesets on birds, books on fishing, maps on pubs, art prints, music and more.


From: Caught by the River

For the Trendy One That Likes Being Ahead of the Crowd

The Advisory Circle – From Out Here (LP & CD)

This is the sound of another world. An audio science-fiction story written with retro-futuristic computers. It’s an absolutely enveloping experience.19992587800054

Price: CD £11.45 LP £14.95

From: Ghost Box Records

For the Dark, Industrial One

TGV – 7 Disc DVD Boxset

Throbbing Gristle are seen as the pioneers of Industrial Music. This 7 Disc DVD Boxset is absolutely a must-have piece of musical history.


Price: £70

From: Industrial Records


For the Peculiar friend

Anklepants – Speak you Little Re-Facéé (12″ LP)

Anklepants is going to be big in 2015, with a debut album imminent, and a massive US tour announced, expect to see him making headlines. Yes he has a penis on his face, and strangely enough his music is brilliant.


Price: £5

From: Love Love Records

For the Fashionable One

Owler Pouch

A collaboration between Mark James and Pete Fowler sees this beautiful handmade, 100% leather pouch released on the Greedbag store. Limited to only 45. They make an awesome and unique gift.


Price: £50

From: Playbeast aka Pete Fowler

For the Art & Design Student

Helvetica DVD

A documentary about type sounds boring right? How about a documentary about just ONE font-type? Amazingly, this is one of the most fascinating design documentaries released in the last decade. Honestly, give it 5 minutes and you’ll be hooked!


Price: £15

From: Plexi Film

For the Serious Record Collector

Original Peter Classic Record Bag

Quite simply the best record bag in the world. Beautiful, classical, eye-catching, simple and practical.


Price: £199

From: Original Peter

For the One That Stays Out All Night

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (12″ LP and CD)

Nothing more needs to be said. Aphex Twin on Vinyl. A simple must have.


Price: CD: £9.99 LP: £15.99

From: R&S Records

For the Indie Music Lover

Guillemots – Get Over It – Signed 7″ Picture Disc

BRIT nominated rockers Guillemots write amazing records, and their store is chock full of singed things! Well worth a look!19430107030054

Price: £5

From: The Guillemots Emporium of Fine Things

For the Tricky Lover

Tricky – Adrian Thaws (CD and LP)

The latest album from one of music’s more unpredictable characters. Adrian Thaws is a vivid, attention-grabbing set of songs which roamfrom hip hop to house, jazz to blues, rock to reggae.


Price: Double LP £19.99

From: !K7 Records

For the Clubbing Lover

Coolicon – CTI (Ltd. Ed. Green 10″ Vinyl)

Carter Tutti’s first single in more than 15 years…


Price: £8.60

From: CTI / Carter Tutti

For the Funky Friend

Last Man On Earth – Big Boss Man (CD and LP)

The long awaited follow up to 2010’s Full English Beat Breakfast, ‘Last Man On Earth’ is Big Boss Man’s 4th album. The British four piece return with a new set of songs and recordings that take a fresh approach to the BBM sound; now with the added dimension of a brass section and guest vocalists – taking us on a one heck of a brand new trip!

Limited number even come with a signed postcard!


Price: CD: £9.99 LP: £15.99

From: Blow Up Records

For the COASTS fan

Paradise – Coasts (12″ Vinyl)

Coasts just signed a deal with a major. They are going to be getting bigger and bigger over the next year. Get in quick and grab the Limited EP before it’s all gone!


Price: £7.99

From: Tidal Records

For the Inappropriate One

The Devil Wears Tee Shirts

What happens when you cross satanic imagery with retro Disney T-shirts. Well, quite simply put, you get this.


Price: £24.99

From: The Devil Wears Tee Shirts

For the One Who’s All About Nostalgia

The Art of Smallfilms

Smallfilms created Noggin The Nog, Bagpuss, The Clangers, Ivor the Engine, Pogles Wood and more besides. This book examines the exceptionally large archives kept by Firmin and the Postgate family, and reveals the exquisite models, puppets, drawings, painting, scripts, machinery and ideas that brought some of the most charming ideas for children’s TV to life.


Price: £22

From: Trunk Records

For the Punk

Damaged Goods T-Shirt

One of Punk’s greatest DIY labels are still going strong. Show them some respect with this lovely piece of black cloth.20077736590054

Price: £9.99

From: Damaged Good

For the World Music / Disco Lover

The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra

A two-disc release featuring an absolute wealth of talent from Brazilian music. Absolutely immaculate.


Price: CD £9.99 LP £14.99

From: Far Out Records

For the Serious Music Fan

Polar Bear – In Each and Every One (CD and LP)

This latest album from Polar Bear saw them nominated for the Mercury Prize.


Price: LP £14.99 CD £8.99

From: The Leaf Label