The state51 Conspiracy Presents: Singularity 1- Love Is Like A Goat

Released today its the first in a new series of releases by Family Fodder entitled Singularity.

12 singles, 1 a month, all released on the 1st of the Month.

You can listen to the song, watch the video and buy the single directly from the band by visiting the website and shop here:

Family Fodder Music
Love Is Like A Goat Video
Family Fodder Shop

If you buy the CD then pop a download in your basket too and we’ll make that free

Each single will contain a new track, a remix from Classical Music and something from the archive.

Each physical CD will come with hand finished artwork and a free download of the tracks.

The artwork for the first 63 singles makes up the painting by Alig that you can see being created below, one day they may all come back together.

Thanks for listening!

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