Out now: Radio Love by Player Piano


Player Piano’s joyous and expertly crafted debut album Radio Love is out now, on The state51 Conspiracy label.

“…a cracker of a debut album that blends canny pop hooks and intuitive creativity.”

The Irish Times

“Radway is one of those annoyingly talented people who can turn their hand to any style of music…The album steps up a gear halfway through with the Arcade Fireisms of My Name Will Be a Myth, the Talking Heads funk of Kings & Queens and the McCartney-meets-Eels Radio Love.”

The Sunday Times

You can buy it on CD from the artist’s store, or from:

Or stream the album on:

Radio Love combines the instrumentation, creativity and energy found in 70s era pop and rock acts with the emotional depth of artists like Anthony & The Johnsons.

The album also boasts a beautiful cover by the wonderful artist Christian Ward.

player piano-gif

Psychedelic spaceman art by Christian Ward

You can read more about Player Piano and the album Radio Love at the Player Piano website, or from the artists’ KnowMusic page.

Here’s the video for single Kings & Queens, an animated epic that took artist TJ Reynolds a year and 6000 6ft chalk drawings to make, at the cost of permanently chalk stained hands.


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