Ed Heslam – Music of Cumberland & Westmorland



Cumbrian-based classical guitarist Ed Heslam brings together a collection of music dating back to the 1700s from the Cumberland and Westmorland areas of the UK.

Some of the pieces were originally performed in the time of the poet William Wordsworth, Ed Heslam hopes that his revival of these great pieces will keep the tunes alive for future generations.

ITV have made a short documentary, where they discuss the album in more detail – You can view programme here!


More about the album & artist:

The Music of Cumberland and Westmorland CD comprises a collection of old and traditional tunes with connections to the locality. The tunes have been arranged for classical guitar and are played on a Carrillo (Madrid) instrument by Ed Heslam.

Ed is a Cumbrian who, having lived in the South of England for a number of years, moved back to Cumbria, with Fiona, his wife, in 2012. As a result of moving back Ed became interested in the history of Cumbrian music. Most of the music on the CD was found in archived manuscripts, dating back to the 18th century.

As a result of Ed’s initial research Fiona has become enthralled by the history and is now researching how this music linked with the social life of Cumbria.