Coming soon from state51: Player Piano


We’re excited to announce that Player Piano’s next album, Radio Love, will be released by The state51 Conspiracy label in May.

Radio Love brings together the rich instrumentation, creativity and energy found in 70s era pop and rock acts with the emotional depth of artists like Anthony & The Johnsons.

We absolutely love it.

The album also boasts a beautiful cover by the wonderful artist Christian Ward.


You can see Player Piano next Wednesday, 2nd March at Nambucca in London, and can follow them on Twitter and Spotify.

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You can listen to Player Piano’s debut EP Into The Dark one Spotify. The Sunday Times said this about it:

“…it is the completeness, the fully realised grandeur of Radway’s first EP, Into the Dark, that so impresses. Evoking solo-Lennon string arrangements, the unfettered creativity of early Bowie and the Walker Brothers, and the vocal plangency of Chris Martin and Rufus Wainwright, it tugs at the heartstrings and ensnares you with the scope of its ambition.”