New Music: The Leaf Library, Julia Kent, Victories at Sea and more


Another bumper week for new music. What a selection this time round. We are blessed!

wiadl038 Artwork

Daylight Versions, The Leaf Library (WIAIWYA)

This is a lovely album. Woozy drone-pop that channels Yo La Tengo, Talk Talk and Movietone.

Featuring Matt Ashton of Singing Adams and backing vocal cameos from Steven James Adams.

Standout track for us is the album opener Asleep Between Stations.

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Asperities, Julia Kent (The Leaf Label)

The fourth solo album by acclaimed Canadian cellist Julia Kent, and it’s a thing of beauty.

This is an album about conflict, friction, modern guilt and modern fears. Looped and treated cello meets electronics and found sounds.

“one of the most stunning, emotive and downright incredible cello albums this side of arthur russell.” Resident Music.

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Everything Forever, Victories At Sea (Static Caravan)

Victories at Sea deliver an electro-pop classic, blending high energy electronics with spikey guitars and forlorn lyrics.

Special mention for label Static Caravan, who are on quite a roll having dropped TVAM’s Porsche Majeure a few weeks ago.

“…serves as an overdue reminder about what’s really to love about good, honest, British electro-pop; they’re a band reminiscent of Erasure and Depeche Mode at their finest” Hooting and Howling 

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Fear on the Rise, Field Studies (Denizen Recordings)

Another powerful anthem from Field Studies, equal parts noisy guitars, crashing drums and paranoid, unnerving lyrics.

We would suggest you also check out their earlier, equally excellent single Money of America.

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JAL199D Artwork

You’ll Never See Me Cry, Ephemerals (Jalapeno Records)

Ephemerals’ stock continues to rise. Invest! For this release, Jalapeno have allowed this track to be experimented upon by an A-list of remixers, giving us an EP of vibrant, diverse and funky iterations of You’ll Never See Me Cry.

Beatport love it; we love it. You probably will too.

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Check out their new, neon official video:


Yuta, Aslamin (Slime)

Brooding but not downbeat, Aslamin’s EP is hustles with pacy beats, snatches of lush vocals and arpeggiated synths. BSN Posse and A.Fruit provide excellent remix support.

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UPR2015-02 Artwork

Drug Submarine, Drug Submarine (Upstairs Recordings)

Recorded on islands off Canada’s east coast, Drug Submarine – made up of the founders of Upstairs Recordings – have created an album of flowing, abstract soundscapes from electronic, electric and acoustic sounds. The perfect accompaniment to a rainy, cold Autumn afternoon.

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Yankee, HOO HAs (Lost in the Manor Records)

Bluesy, punky, raw guitars with a distinctive slacker indie vibe. Another fine release from Lost in the Manor.

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Esmerelda, Seas Of Mirth (I’m Not From London Records)

Seas of Mirth describe themselves as a bawdy bunch of bellowing buccaneers, which gives you a great steer on this EP, out on I’m Not From London.

It’s piratical and rambunctious sea-folk. You can almost taste the rum.

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XXXI, You The Living (Obscure Alternatives Music)

Eleven tracks of darkwave electronics; the sounds of despair and frustration filtered through machines.

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TAM086 Artwork (1)

Tighten Up, Atomphunk (3am Recordings)

An overdue return for one of Manchester’s classic UK deep house producers, bringing us a tight, funky and warm track given a nitro-boost with three electric remixes.

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