New Music: ephemerals, Postcards From Jeff, Pintada and more


The cream of this week’s crop includes big releases from The Chap, Ephemerals and plenty more…

chasin ghosts by ephemerals (Jalapeno Records)

The follow up to their breakthrough album nothing is easy, chasin ghosts is more evidence that ephemerals can turn out bona fide modern soul classics.

chasin ghosts combines soul roots with jazz, hip hop and rock, tied neatly together by top musicianship and the outstanding vocals of singer Wolfgang Valbrun.

Available on 12″ vinyl, CD and digital direct from Jalapeno’s Greedbag store.

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See You Tonight by David Pher (Gruuv)

This is a deep, mesmerising beat for when your late night gets serious.  Relentless and minimal percussion and bass, infrequent stabs of brass and arresting vocals. Tune in, stand back, dance it out.

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Modern Language by Postcards From Jeff (Alien Boutique)

Cinematic indie pop with melancholia coursing through its veins.

Available on vinyl, CD and digital from the Alien Boutique greedbag.

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Waves by Pintada (Architects Of Paradise)

Mid-summer vibes, gorgeous vocals and body-warming bass.

An EP that is clinically proven to banish your worries about dark mornings, inclement weather and catching everyone else’s mild cold.

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The Show Must Go by The Chap (Lo Recordings)

We love The Chap. So we’re delighted that on their return with this new album, they’re as inspirationally, ironically political as ever. It’s an antidote to tedium, a celebration of what rock music is and is not, joyous and angry all at the same time.

Out on Monday 26th October. You can pre-order on iTunes now.


Street Love by Dee Brown (UK) & Ufuk K (Svogue Muziq)

A three track EP of pure and classic house music from start to finish. The title track will kick start your party and the remix by Dee Brown keep it flying when people start to flag.

Out on Monday 26th. You can pre-order it from iTunes right now.


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