New Music: Shape Worship, Elle Exxe, Thee Headcoats, Skinny Girl Diet and more.


There are too many amazing records out today. So here’s a round up of the very best…

A City Remembrancer by Shape Worship (Front & Follow)

Beautiful production – visceral shapes and colours in this debut record. Collage, bricolage, beats and mechanical structures, all covered in tall green grass.

“Gillett’s work is sweetly charismatic, with fullsome production, well-crafted drums and warped keyboards of several species” – The Wire

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Home With you (Radio Edit) by Elle Exxe (LX Records )

They call this electroclash – but it’s far greater than that: this is straight up big production pop smash brilliance with all the unmistakable edge of a fiercely independent artist.

Headlining at London’s Koko on release date, it’s sure to be a a show of pure neon.

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Elementary Headcoats by Thee Headcoats (Damaged Goods)

Three chord garage rock madness that will send you into a whirl of slurred down pogo pouncing.

This record takes all the singles from Thee Headcoats illustrious career: 1990-1999 and is part of Damaged Goods‘ Billy Childish series of 11 albums.

Vinyl and CD versions available from the Ghost Box Greedbag store.

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Escalation by SPD (Slime Recordings)

Slime releases get bigger and bigger. Tight beats and loops make a spaced out two-step chill wave firecracker.

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DAMIT508 Artwork

Here I am, I Always Am, Kyra (Damaged Goods)

Even more outstanding indie punk garage rock (it’s so good it needs four genres). This time from Kyra, from Thee Headcoats, backed by Thee Headcoats.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Damaged Goods’ Billy Childish coverage is anything other than comprehensive.  They would be lying.

Available from Damaged Goods’ Greedbag store.

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Porsche Majeure, TVAM (Static Caravan)

We love TVAM. No Explanations blew our minds earlier in the year. And new single Porsche Majeure us another loud and crunchy delight. Take it for a spin. 

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Reclaim Your Life EP, Skinny Girl Diet (Fiasco Recordings)

Skinny Girl Diet are loud, they are bad ass and they make outstanding grungy punk rock. That’s all you need to know.

“A bodacious snarl of brutal guitar, relentless drums and unfiltered fury…Like the band who made it…it’s loud, and it doesn’t care if you like it.” Noisey

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