Greedbag – Now With Added Greed


We are delighted to announce that we’ve cut our commission rates on Greedbag from 20% to just 15% and when we say 15%, we mean 15% – no transaction fees, no hidden costs.

We can even do your order fulfilment, at £1 per order, no matter how many items.

This means that you can sell your music and merch for a really great return.

Everything else is free: no transaction fees; no storage fees if you use our warehouse; no hosting fees; no fees for using the mailing list manager; and no fees for customer service.

Check out !K7, R&S Records, Ghost Box, The Leaf Label, Damaged Goods for just a few examples of great stores.

Our store template is fully customisable with CSS and HTML for seamless integration with your site. The store is also integrated with our distribution services – less work for you!

Contact us to get set up and start selling straight away.