Guillemots (sometimes written gUiLLeMoTs) are a BRIT Awards|BRIT Award nominated indie rock band formed in November 2004 by Fyfe Dangerfield. The band consists of 4 members: Fyfe Dangerfield, MC Lord Magrão, Aristazabal Hawkes & Greig Stewart. Although formed and based in London,[1] the band's members have been compiled from England, Scotland, Brazil and Canada. Their first album, Through the Windowpane, was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize. The band has experienced some chart success, with their single "Get Over It (Guillemots song)|Get Over It" reaching number 20 in the UK Singles Chart in March 2008. Their second album, Red (Guillemots album)|Red, reached number 9 in the UK Albums Chart in the same month. After touring all through 2008 and Fyfe releasing a solo record the band finished their third record Walk the River released on 18 April 2011.  The band is now embarked on an ambitious project that will see the release of four albums in one year. The first, Hello Land! was available beginning 7 May 2012.  On 10 June 2013 MC Lord Magrão posted on the band's Facebook page to announce that "After a lot of thought" he had made the decision to leave Guillemots.

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