New Music: Cowboy Rhythmbox, Retrospekt & Platkovsky, Luke’s Anger, White Ape and more…


This week’s round up of the new and independent music out this week.

1. Fantasma Cowboy Rhythmbox, on Phantasy Sound (Single)

‘Fantasma’ takes it’s cue from early sample fetishists Yello, a compelling, sensual, muscular industrial house music, all sandwiched between shocking pink layers of a Will Sweeney designed sleeve.

“This is a mad one 🙂 Ohhhh yessssssss …. Its gonna kick some arse!” – Laurent Garnier.



2. Synchronicty – Daytoner, on Pedigree Cuts (album)

Tight bass grooves, smart breaks and retro funk keys. DJ producer Daytoner paints a rich sunshine landscape from his self-styled southwest England studio shed.


3. HammerheadRetrospekt & Platkovsky, on Slime Recordings (Single)

If you were crazy enough to mix Welsh and Polish dance production, arpeggiating Oberheimer-like synth patterns, ghostly pizzicato pads and the driest, sub bass side-chained beats you would be….

Hammerhead. And you would be produced by Retrospekt & Platovsky.

This is extremely good, very dangerous rave fuel.


4. Glide Over Here – Pablo Del Monte, on East Recordings (EP)

Straight up house. Tough beats and a slice of bass that will rumble your sides off.


5. Game Of Soldiers / A Face At The Window –  White Ape, on Sotones (Single)

White Ape’s new record documents the band’s ongoing musical fist-fight between Johnny Rotten Rockabilly, The Fall, big melodic choruses and enormous hooks.

Seedy, discordant, catchy.


6. Computers, Yeah? Luke’s AngerBonus Round Records (Album)

Very mad laser synths, tight snare slaps, spiralling rave horns and gravelly sub bass make a tripped out mash that is guaranteed to raise your adrenaline to previously unthought of heights.

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