Out next week: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures, Anklepants and more!


The music coming your way next Friday, September 11th. There’s a lot of it. And it is good. Pre-order links below.


LOVLP01DL Artwork

Social-Patching-And the pixel Pageant facéd boy – Anklepants (Love Love)

Packed with live classics and brimming with his own frenetic – really frenetic – brand of mutated, electronic, anti-pop, this album marks the next step in Anklepants’ march to world domination.

The CD version comes with a second disc containing reworkings by artists including Eomac, Valance Drakes, Kraig Grady, Lenkemz, Monster X, Bintus, FUKNO and more.

Available for pre-order on vinyl and CD from the Love Love Records Greedbag store.

Get a taste of the Anklepants experience by watching his Boiler Room set.  For the real thing, you can see Anklepants and friends at Power Lunches in London on October 10th.

Fika046 Artwork

Berlin – Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures (Fika Recordings)

The second single from this indie power couple’s (or quartet’s) forthcoming new album. Another anthemic sing-along, this time celebrating both the freedom and pressures of Stanley Brinks’ beloved adoptive hometown.

The album My Ass will follow on 2nd October.

“The Wave Pictures’ classy post-punkish bite is a great foil to Brinks’ whimsy on these unhinged, loose-limbed story songs.” – NME

You can pre-order Berlin on iTunes now. 



JAL198 Artwork

Jalapeno Chill Vol. 1 – Various Artists (Jalapeno)

Jalapeno have dug deep into the depths of their fabulous catalogue to bring you the finest blend of downtempo beats. You’ll find the laidback grooves of ephemerals, Moods, Dr Rubberfunk, Ikon and The Beekeepers and lots more. Relax.

You can pre-order Jalapeno Chill Vol. 1 from Amazon now.

SLM142 Artwork

Future Sound of Garage 2 – Various Artists (Slime)

Slime do us the favour of documenting a resurgent garage scene.

28 exclusive dancefloor anthems from some of the leading lights in the new wave of garage producers from around the world.

Pre-order from iTunes is open now.

If you haven’t heard Future Sound of Garage 1, here’s your homework. There will be a test.

SOS043 Artwork

Walkout – Ankerman (Sounds of Sumo)

The debut EP from UK bass producer Ankerman.

Four original tracks that fuse the underground sounds of techno, bass, dub and grime.

On remix duties, Food Music’s Boxia and Sounds of Sumo favourites Kingsin, who rework title track ‘Walk Out’ into a moody bass stomper.

You can pre-order Walkout from iTunes now.

needno021 Artwork

Air – Clas Tuuth (Neednowater)

Championed by Steve Lamacq on his BBC 6music show, Air is a delight of warm textures, synths and programmed clicks, drum snaps and layers of percussion. Simple hand claps and finger clicks become a catchy garage rhythm coupled with a broken vocal performed by Catriona Irving.

Exclusive b-sides “Cotty (long version)”, “They Mostly Come At Night” and “Mostly” mix techno, garage, hip-hop and lo-fi.

iTunes is open for pre-order business.

AOP004 Artwork

Poolside Sessions, MELODYMANN (Architects Of Paradise)

Shuffling beats and hazy synths are the order of the day here. Made me imagine I was playing Outrun on a Sega Master System on a hot summer day. Which is a very good thing.

Pre-order from iTunes.