The new and independent music keeps coming. Here’s what we have lined up for you in the week of 17 August.


1. Child of a Shooting Star – Tom Furse, on Lo Recordings (EP)

Lo Recordings’ impeccable taste lovingly wraps its chops around The Horrors keyboard player Tom Furse and his new, astonishingly inventive quasi-balearic exotica.

Out 21 August.


2. Slowtown Now! – Holly Golightly, on Damaged Goods (Album)

Holly’s first band album since 2004. Worth the wait, full of innocent sleaze and tear-soaked tales.

Out 21 August.

SLM141 Artwork

3. F*ck Them – BSN Posse, on Slime (EP)

The Spanish duo conquering the Juke scene. A jumble sale of sounds and musical themes. Diamonds in rough abound.

Out 21 August.

Cres_053 Artwork

4. The Man That Time Forgot – Kensho, on Collective Resonance (EP)

Rare, scratched up samples from dusty records spliced together to make unique beat music. This is Holland based Kensho’s first record on Collective Resonance.

Out 17 August.

NPIP044DL Artwork

5. The Bedroom Club III –  Various Artists, on No Pain In Pop (EP)

Cult London label exorcises its avant techno demons in the third instalment of its Bedroom Club series. Listen in the dark.

Out 21 August.