Forthcoming Releases w/c August 3rd


More new and independent music coming your way from state51 labels…


Samba Para Florence / Things to Say (Henry Wu & Ben Hauke Remixes) by Sean Khan. Far Out Recordings.

Remixers Wu and Hauke pull us a pint of Detroit House and West London Broken Beat snakebite on this Jazz-wise swing remix of Sean Kahn’s music.

Out 7 August 2015.


Skull Dance by Somepoe. Sounds of Sumo.

Hypnotism never sounded so seductive. Finnish producer Somepoe drills a tiny hole of house into your brain with looping vocals and gently pulsing, almost metallic beats.

Out 7 August 2015.


TGS by The Good SportsStrong Island Records.

Crushed 60s reverb vocals and jangling garage guitars give way to something much deeper, threatening and alluring in a record full of moments of considered suppression and release.

Out 7 August 2015.


5 Years of Gruuv, Vol. 5 by Black Loops, Hugo, Elmar Strathe, Hermanez. Gruuv.

This lot know how to celebrate. Only 5 years old and they’re releasing a multi-edition birthday cake of a record. Here’s part 5.

Out 3 August 2015.



I Like You Dog by My Neighbour Is. Neighbour Jam.

The driest drum breaks, big sampled wah-wah licks and soulful vocal loops make for a life-affirming record that screams out loud and proud: unstoppable dance record!

Out 3 August 2015.


Portsea Whistle  by Soul Divide. Plus Recordings.

This is pretty straight, a little bit dirty but with a crispness and lightness of touch that, before you know it, will have tired out your feet and have you in a hot sweat.

Out 3 August 2015.