A.J. Holmes And The Hackney Empire – Soft Power [Out now on Singing Dune Records]



A.J. Holmes And The Hackney Empire – Soft Power

Label: Singing Dune Records
Cat No: AJH001
Release Date: 6th July 2015
Formats: CD / Digital

A.J. Holmes And The Hackney Empire release the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Wedding‘.

Soft power is a concept developed by Joseph Nye of Harvard University to describe the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce, use force or give money as a means of persuasion.

From the provocative call to arms of ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Twitterized‘ – inspired by the Afro-Brazilian rhythms of Maracatu – to the haunting and dream like ‘Ghost Daddy‘ – with it’s classic London narrative in the vein of Ian Dury – to the Soukous influenced pop rock musing on 18th century Cockney superstitions of ‘Martyn’s Elephant Charm‘ to the epic Palm-Wine influenced ballad of ‘Mein Liebster Feind‘ – sounding like S.E. Rogie wandered into the recording sessions of Big Star’s ‘Sister Lovers / Third‘ album. Soft Power is a diverse, yet impressively coherent  album from one of Britain’s most promising live acts.

Decidedly British..Imagine if Madness decided to play soukous instead of ska’
Afropop Worldwide 

If anyone ever had ‘IT’ on stage, Holmes does; a born entertainer and true visionary of the Charity Shop Counterculture – Berliner Zeitung

Best albums of 2013…the record I’ve played more than any other this year so far is Wedding
The Guardian

The band has matured so much with this new stuff. Sounding SICK!
The Very Best

Fusing African influences with classic London narratives in the vein of Ian Dury
Mais um discos

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