Official Burnt Toast – Tubs n Tongue-Fu



Official Burnt Toast – Tubs ‘n’ Tongue-Fu

Label: Sonskrif

Release Date: 25th May 2015


UK based Canadian Alt/HipHop artist Adrian Lawrence aka Official Burnt Toast releases his debut album ‘Tubs ‘n’ Tongue-Fu’ this Spring on the Sonskrif label.

Delivering a lethal stream of conscious poetry over homegrown beats and boasting two live bass players, OBT effortlessly meld elements of Lo-fi Hip Hop, Post Punk and Jazz.

The album has many highlights and stand out tracks hitting a range of subjects and moods including the political ‘Whats In a Word’ and ‘Money As Debt’ (a damning depiction of our debt based economy) as well as the poetic and personal such as ‘Hi Times’ and ‘Titles on G Street’ (composed solely from old Blue Note titles).

Tubs ‘n’ Tongue-Fu (SONS07LP) by Official Burnt Toast is scheduled for release on 25th May 2015.  Available in deluxe vinyl edition and digital download from Sonskrif Media and distributed worldwide by The state 51 Conspiracy.

“Two basses flanking a drum machine and vocalist spitting out chunky hip-hop jazz. Very nice indeed.” – The Stool Pigeon

“I always shoot to music, except when we’re being filmed for TV shows… My fave band at the moment is Official Burnt Toast. Their music is between spoken word and rap. It’s very funky, but with an English sentiment.” – The Observer

“Official Burnt Toast eloquently fuses the lethal observational skills of a Raymond Chandler detective with the subtleties and unsurpassed surgical spirit of a Martin Hannett production. The result is an infectious cocktail of American paranoia, Canadian objectivity and a very English obsession with introspection and fly on the wall documentary.”
– Luke Hannam