Introducing The state51 Conspiracy Record Label


Introducing The state51 Conspiracy Record Label

We have put together a new record label deal unlike any other. Designed for the 21st Century, it can help you tell a better story about your music, the musicians and the record… but how?

We’ll invest in you

Excellent musicians, performers and producers working in all styles and genres can benefit from a £5000 investment into their work by state51. When you work with us, there are no costs to pay back, nothing to recoup.

Our capable and knowledgable team will support you throughout the release. We will put our time and energy into giving your music its best chance of success.

Real investment takes commitment and focus. We won’t fund the release of your record by spending your money.

We’ll pay you

Many indie label deals work on a fifty-fifty profit share after you’ve paid the costs. We will do better than that: 60% of all income goes directly to you, the artist. And because there’s nothing to recoup, you’ll see money in your bank account 3 months after release, or sooner.

Cash-flow will help you create, perform, make more music and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.

We’ll work hard for you

The state51 Conspiracy is a global music company. We have been distributing and selling music online and physically since 2007, with a musical history stretching back even further. First class distribution; direct-to-fan selling; high quality design and manufacture; worldwide publishing administration and sync representation is all available at your fingertips.

Music making is a collaborative process. A great team will help take you further.

We’ll make things better

To work with us we’ll expect you to commit to a simple ideal: quality. We will work with you to make better recordings, mixes, masters, and products. Anywhere we can see potential to raise the standard of your music, we will. Make it sound, look and feel amazing.

We believe in the power of music – let’s make sure its in the best shape possible before it gets to people’s ears.

We’ll be fair

Our recording contract is simple to understand and is the template for a productive relationship. In return for our financial backing, 60% royalty and combined services, we will work with your music for 15 years. We won’t own your copyrights for life or ‘in perpetuity’. We want to build a relationship with you and have included an option to work on your next album. At the same time, we have included an artist-friendly buy-out facility.

A fair deal means you can concentrate on making music, not paperwork.

Now please introduce you

If you have a musical project that you think we should know about, please get in touch and tell us why.

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