Giant Chinese Hedgehog Invades the UK – With New Single


New Hedgehog Single!

Having recently signed a deal with London label Disorder Recordings, Beijing Indie-Rock band Hedgehog have their first single released in the UK on Monday 1st December.

Heart On Fire / DDDreaMMM

The Double A-Side features their trademark sound of noisy, anthemic, crunching guitars, mixed with The Cure-esque bass lines and dreamy that is quite frankly brilliant.


Why you should listen to Hedgehog:

*Hedgehog are a band that regularly sell out to crowds of thousands. Why? Listen to the music to find out for yourself.

*Impress your friends by saying you know an awesome Chinese band when they probably don’t.

*They fully embrace the DIY ethic. Making their own music videos, recording music themselves and just generally keeping it real.

*They have awesome names: Zo, Atom and Fun.

Hedgehog on Basketball Hoop

Download the Single from: iTunes | Amazon

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