Cud – Victoria

From the late 80’s through mid 90’s, CUD had a manic, almost slathering, most fanatical following. In 2007 the band returned, their audience just as fanatical as before, but now with better paid jobs and kids. 2013 saw the band’s original song-writing team reunited, and the “single of the week” Louise released. Now, CUD have another new release primed for consumption. Still arch CUD, but also so deliciously stomptastic that it cannot be stopped in its insinuation into the lives of any that hear it.

Victoria” is a little Sweet, a smidgeon Glitter Band, a dash Sparks, served in an Indie Hi-Ball, with a cherry!!! It’s a party celebrating the end of the worst of times. “A mixtape that we sent to everyone we felt equally elated as us”.

On the flip we have “Superstar” a timely tribute to one of CUD’s heroes, Fred from Les Rita Mitsouko. The lyrics something of a first; a streetmap across Paris, and “Justin O’Shea Situation”, a none to gentle swipe at a real-life “Zoolander” and (sadly) modern day icon.

Recording and tape operation is by Matt formerly of HONKY.


Cud will be doing a short UK tour, on the following dates:

24/10 – YORK Fibbers: Live Music Venue
25/10 – BIRMINGHAM The Flapper
30/10 – LONDON Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (playing all of “When In Rome
Kill Me”)
31/10 – LONDON Hoxton Square (playing all of “Leggy Mambo”)
01/11 – MANCHESTER The Ruby Lounge

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