Atari Teenage Riot – Modern Liars [Digital Hardcore Recordings]

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Atari Teenage Riot – Modern Liars

Formats: Digital

Label: Digital Hardcore Recordings

Release Date: 6th October 2014

Featuring Remixes by Klaxons, Fuck Buttons and Andrew Weatherall!

Like a machine gun stuttering out the beginning of an urgent message in Morse code Modern Liars’ opening salvo warns of how our putative democratic guardians plan to steal our dreams.

The lyrics of Modern Liars caution us that acquiescence is not an option – but don’t leave it to anyone else; it’s your life and your responsibility.

The anthemic chorus of Modern Liars trumpets the freedom offered by the modern world. Despite the best efforts of the hegemonies, the computational power with which they attempt to shape and control society is also a means of resistance and salvation… Just take it!

The band commissioned a video which undermines the deceptive gloss of modern society and exposes its dank corrupt underbelly. Multi award-winning film maker Rob McLellan takes the heart-quickening surges and reflective passages of the song and twisting the clichéd motifs of the video game in some imagined future world, weaves a tale about the price of fame.

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