SLVA – Tycho [Released on Sonskrif]



Sonskrif (a label dedicated towards the providing of fresh new bass music and spoken word) reach release number four of a four-part series of singles from South London producer SLVA.

The most recent of these, Malika takes a step towards nostalgia, with the inclusion of distant piano segments, which drift in and out over the top of a complex, underlying rhythmic structure.

Earlier this year, we saw the release of NumbersTycho & Six of Swords – every one of these singles contain something of their own quality whilst keeping to SLVA’s signature bass-driven sound. Certainly worth a listen to those with a soft spot for pounding subs, dance inducing percussion and dynamic, empathetic atmosphere.

You can listen to each of the singles from the SLVA four-part series on YouTube, via the playlist embedded below.


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