Brazil World Cup Fever [Out now on Far Out Recordings]


Far Out Recordings present ‘Brazil World Cup Fever‘ – a compilation dedicated to the uplifting sounds of Brazil and the centrality of football to Brazilian life and culture.

Brazilian football conjures up an essence of mystery, of creativity, of rhythm, of pure joy and freedom. This image of Brazil – with Football so deeply interwoven into the cultural tapestry – is instantly recognisable across the globe; this is partly because Brazilian football and Brazilian music share an intrinsic identity of mystery, magic and creative flair.

From the funky swing of Sabrina Malheiros to the celebratory samba rhythms of the Friends From Rio, every track on this compilation emanates the Brazilian outlook. Numerous references to football, like ‘Umbabaraumba’, Grupo Batuque’s cover of Jorge Ben’s reference to a Brazilian football chant, amplify the international World Cup buzz.

This compilation sums it all up, making it the perfect way to get you in the mood for Rio 2014!


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