Anja McCloskey – Too Many Words


Anja McCloskey – Too Many Words

Format: Digital

Label: Sotones Records

Release Date: 8th June 2014

Acclaimed German/American artist and accordionist extraordinaire, Anja McCloskey returns with her stunning new single, ‘Too Many Words’.

Taken from her forthcoming second album, the enigmatically titled ‘Quincy Who Waits,’ due out this summer, ‘Too Many Words’ is Anja’s first new solo material since her 2012 debut album ‘An Estimation’.

It’s about an intricate friendship and leaving things behind,” says Anja, who wrote this song on tour in the Mid-West in the States. With her trademark accordion in tow, ‘Too Many Words’ is equal parts joyous and mysterious – a return to form that embodies the elements of folk and traditional music that made her debut album so hard to pigeonhole.

Back on board to help are label mates Mikey Kenney (Ottersgear), Fredrik Kinbom, Campbell Austin (Moneytree, TS Idiot), Joseph Kelly (Etao Shin) and Dan Whitehouse.

And don’t miss the B-side ‘Fifteen’ – a beautiful instrumental composed for four accordions and recorded live with accordion trio Handregal, which features Anja’s own accordion teacher as well as two members from the orchestra she played in as a teenager.

‘Not everyone might get it, but for those that do, this is a transporting album’
– The Arts Desk

‘Impossible to pigeonhole, folky, sweet and smart’ 
– This is Fake DIY

‘Simply magnificent’
– Daily Express

‘Sultry folk, like a Romany gypsy cabaret show’
– Q


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