The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia

The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia

LP / CD / Digital

Label: Ghost Box Records

Release Date: 20th May 2014

Entropicalia is the third full album from The Soundcarriers. Based in London, Nottingham and no particular time, they are a band new to the parallel world of Ghost Box Records. The Soundcarriers switched on sounds are filmic, fantastic and authentically psychedelic.

The rock solid rhythm and bass of songwriters, Adam Cann and Paul Isherwood provide a jazz inflected, motorik groove for Dorian Conway’s guitar and the whirling keys and sunshine voice of Leonore Wheatley. Jesse Chandler of Midlake guests on Hammond and flute on two tracks, and film actor Elijah Wood talks the listener through a mathematically guided trip on the extended wig-out This is Normal.

By the time you reach side two of this album you are deep in the Soundcarriers’ own hallucinatory dreamworld, one of surreal juxtapositions and uncanny doublings. A howling flute and migratory Hammond lead you down some unconscious corridor of associations – the detourned banderillero costumes of Os Mutantes, the art-damaged sonic attack of ‘Sister Ray,’ Can improvising a cover of Astrud Gilberto’s ‘Beginnings’…

This album was recorded in a massive old warehouse, now housing refrigerators and cookers, with electricity piped in from another building and hot water bottles strapped to shivering band members. But there is something about this MPB-tinged sunshine psych that delivers the listener to other, warmer places.

The Soundcarriers are a record collector’s band and a band of record collectors, but it is the immediacy and electricity of the live performance – the crackle and hum of the amplifier, the play of light and shadow and color onstage, the untold narrative of each audience member negotiating a night of social and sexual possibility – that Entropicalia conjures forth. The show is about to start. We’re live in five, four, three…

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