New single on Label Fandango: I Am In Love – 'Proposal'

I Am In Love release their debut single, ‘Proposal‘ on Label Fandango.

It is high. It is mighty. It is a great big shiny slab of synth-soothed electrofied pop dynamism like a new New Order flushed through with the DNA of DFA Records. It starts with the iciest of synthesisers, builds through a jittery roll call of “I’ll be your husband / and I’ll be your husband / and I’ll be your husband” and erupts into the most humane rush of euphoric vocals and festival crowd-romping beats.

It’s smart. It’s tarty. It’s art with a great big beating heart.

This single has been release as part of Club Fandango‘s on-going 12 year celebrations, as they release 12 singles by the likes of Department M, Desperate Journalist, Longfellow, Feldspar, Felt Tip and quite-literally-six more acts to celebrate turning 12 mighty years old.

I Am In Love – Proposal is now available from Label Fandango’s very own store.

Also available from: iTunes | Google Play | 7digital | Greedbag

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