The Broken Family Band Explore "Best Ofs" With Q Music



Steven Adams from The Broken Family Band explores ‘Best Ofs’ in a guest column on Q Music.

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In the world of Spotify Playlists, are “Best Of” Compilations now redundant?

“There’s so much music available online that sometimes I can’t think straight… As someone once said, getting information from the internet is like trying to fill a glass under a waterfall.”

As for the new ‘Best Of’ Compilation from The Broken Family Band – ‘It’s All Over – The Best of The Broken Family Band’ Steven says:

“The main motivation was to draw a bit of attention to the reissue of our older albums. It’s great for us to have the book as a souvenir of our time together, and if people actually bother to buy that or download the compilation we’ll all be delighted.”

Don’t forget, you can grab your own physical copy (with beautiful book) of ‘It’s All Over’ Directly from the Band’s Store!


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