Exotic Pylon Records: The House In the Woods (aka Pye Corner Audio) – Bucolica



The House In the Woods (aka Pye Corner Audio – the more widely known moniker of Martin Jenkins) releases his debut album under the new alias on Exotic Pylon Records.

As Pye Corner Audio, Martin has already gathered a number of critically acclaimed releases under his belt. Previous works have made it on to such reputable imprints as Ghost BoxFurther RecordsType and Tapeworm.

The House In The Woods takes a step closer to Martin’s more dubbed out and ambient side of his works, or as Ship Canal’s Daniel Baker describes it…

False awakening # 129: Hovering above a Druidic rave that’s happening a thousand miles away. Ears to the ground. I didn’t mention dreams. This isn’t ethereal. People will tell you it is, but it isn’t. It’s what happens behind your eyes and underneath your feet at a rate of constant geological and galactic knots a million times per second. Nothing concrete, everything becoming. When you play it loud, it’s totally out of your control. This primordialism wants to be your mate though. It’s the dreg‐ends of a post club coping session between you and your very closest friends. It’s the only bloke left who can skin up with small papers. Your very own Amun.  Romantic! That’s what it is. The kindly warden of a secret moon based otter sanctuary embracing the shimmering vitality of colour. Amid the cosmic thanklessness of nature’s brutishness, it emerges from a clearing, all bleary eyed and hopeful.

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