12305825930054 The state51 Conspiracy are proud to announce the new album from Family Fodder, ‘Variety’.

(Family Fodder -­‐ Variety CON156 CD/digital The state51 Conspiracy)

In his introduction to Family Fodder’s new record ‘Variety’, world-­‐renowned artist and filmmaker David Shrigley says:

“If I were to sum up The Family Fodder record I would say it is magnificent and magical and marvelous and majestic and mighty.”

The least known most influential band of the post punk era return with a work so beautifully bizarre it will make you bark in the hot city streets…..

Variety is released by The state51 Conspiracy on 29 July 2013 and is to be accompanied online by the release of a collection of specially commissioned films by Alessia Chiappino. The artwork for the record was designed by Iker Spozio.

Variety uncovers more of Alig’s bizarre, mind-­‐bending arrangements, melodies and hook-­‐ strewn vocals, all seemingly thrown casually over a vast jumble of instruments and influences but engineered with precision and poise by the master of the unexpected.

This collection of new songs and re-­‐worked treasures from the Alig Fodder’s post-­‐punk tape archive achieves the kind of maddening brilliance that his admirers have come to expect. “A little invasive and very touching at the same time”, said Jonny Trunk of the last record, 2010s Classical Music.

Variety is indeed a magnificent, magical, marvelous and mighty record, with hints of Neutral Milk Hotel weirdness and the rawness and playfulness of an even earlier, less precious moment in musical history that refreshes, energises and reinvigorates on every listen. How could it not? Of electro-­‐synth pop song ‘Vampyre On My Mind’, Alig says: “I wrote the lyrics languishing in a velvet lined antique mahogany coffin, drinking fresh (vegetarian) virgin’s blood.”

Of Classical Music, The Quietus said it was a “big, beautiful, magpie of a record. One made by a band who offer a reminder that true musical freedom, the kind that post-­‐punk in its purest form should rightfully stand for, demands that you continue to look forward and defy expectation, even when the fashion pendulum once again swings your way.”

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