Nolan – Freak On [out now on Gruuv]



Nolan makes his debut appearance on Gruuv with the release of Freak On

Freak On‘ opens the release with a nod to funk and soul, incorporated through wah-wah guitar licks, bright piano chords and a modulating electro bass – it’s safe to say when combined with a contemporary house-beat the result in something rather unique.

Bitter Sweat‘ is up next, employing a grittier more modern mold with a hooky electronic bass, an amalgamation of vocal chops and stabbing disco house chords which all serve for the purpose of driving the track through its paces. Nolan’s formation of the track relies on a simple yet effective movement of stripping back the groove to an atmospheric breakdown, followed by the introduction of new elements precipitously.

Kyodai‘s remix of ‘Freak On follows and the Berlin based Spanish duo deliver yet another enthralling piece of music.  The drums take on the form of swing jazz rhythms with rattling ride rolls and a naturally swung pattern occurring throughout on the toms and snares. More organic splendour is introduced to the arrangement through jazzy sax and piano riffs and the original scat vocals. It’s not often heard in this day and age but Kyodai have managed to give a nod to the 40’s musical era with style and precision, here in modern-day house music.

Electronic music veteran John Tejada closes the release with a stellar rework of ‘Bitter SweatGleaming with analogue sparkles, the mix kicks off with a dubbed out house feel with background delays and reverb tails building a deep-set atmosphere. Shuffling hats and claps meander throughout the groove consistently changing velocity in true analogue style while the main synth line’s envelope is constantly tweaked, along with octave alterations to create an ever-evolving progressive feel.

– Words by Jordan Bruce @ Dispersion PR

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