Front and Follow present… The Doomed Bird Of Providence – Collision/Detection V7


Front & follow Collision v7

Front & Follow deliver the seventh of their Collision/Detection series, with v7 coming from London’s The Doomed Bird of Providence.

Collision/Detection is a project set out by Long Division with Remainders, whereby a selection of producers are allocated a set of sounds which are to be used exclusively for the creation of a 4-track EP.  The varying results from each experiment are revealed every six weeks by Front & Follow.

With The Doomed Bird of Providence’s EP the process of making the songs required a fairly radical adjustment of the supplied sounds provided for the project. The main intention was to supply a range of songs to accompany short visual pieces. For this reason the band’s foray into Long Division with Remainders had a twofold intention; the band were creating short soundtracks as well as incorporating and manipulating the bank of LDWR sounds across the four songs.

Streaming of Collision/Detection v7 is available on Spotify following the link below:

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