Terminal Gods – Lessons in Fire


London rock four-piece, Terminal Gods, are pleased to announce the release of Lessons In Fire, their second single. Stylistically, the record follows closely on from their debut, Electric Eyes, utilising relentless drum machines and layers of heavily effected guitars that underpin the powerful and unashamedly anthemic vocal delivery of their frontman, Robert Cowlin.

Terminal Gods uphold the idea that for music to carry an edge it doesn’t have to disavow rock and roll. Inspired by boundary crossing luminaries – from Iggy Pop and David Bowie through to the ice cold rock and roll of The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Sisters Of MercyLessons In Fire, and its associated B‑sides, is a call to arms for those stuck in the purgatory between the pretentious and the mundane.

Electric Eyes was jubilantly received by fans and promoters looking to fill the void of dark bands with a sense of purpose, irony, and, most importantly, songs to sing and dance to. The short run of 250 7” singles quickly sold out. It has already carried the band across the UK and into Europe, and Lessons In Fire is set to carry the torch forward for Terminal Gods in 2013.

Lessons in Fire is available from all major online digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon and 7digital.


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