New album on Exotic Pylon Records: Shape Worship – Observances


Shape Worship is the solo project of Ed Gillett and Observances is his official debut release after a couple of tantalising homemade demo EP’s. In his own words, Ed is interested in “the creative use of repetition, open collaboration, the enjoyment of mistakes and sub-bass.

Taking broken 2-step beats and early 90’s techno (think of those early Black Dog Production 12’s) Shape Worship exists in a richly expansive dreamscape – warmly haunting and strangely benign. This is a gently maximalist universe where machine rhythms mix with organic texture (glazed bells, strange strings, crackling sticks), hall-of-mirrors vocals and wide-eyed synth melodies.

Although Shape Worship never loses sight of the dancefloor these are beatific sonic mandalas – complex shifting structures causing temporal dislocation and unravelling emotion – you start here and now you are here and now you are somewhere else. I come back to them over and over again as I never can quite remember what happened the time before and also… this is healing music, a balm that bends the bodybrain whilst protecting it. And if I’m making it sound all too gentle you’ve got me wrong – there’s pure disorientation from start to finish – it’s just you’ll come out a better person for it.
– Jonny Mugwump

Observances is available from iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat and most major digital retailers.

Written, recorded and produced by Ed Gillett, 08/2011 – 01/2012 in London and Chicago. Vocals on Lavender by Hannah Gillett & Isobel Cope.
Mastering by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique).
Artwork and design by Kyle Gregg:

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