New album on Exotic Pylon: Hacker Farm – UHF


Last year, after spending many years “doing stuff”, Hacker Farm (Farmer Glitch and Kek-W released their debut album Poundland which made Simon Reynolds’ best of 2011. So, it is with no certain amount of ecstatic pride that  Exotic Pylon Records is thrilled to announce that we are releasing their second album UHF. Hacker Farm were one of a trio of stars interviewed in a feature on New Wyrd Albion in December’s edition of The Wire Magazine.

There’s a word for this stuff. Paramusicology, maybe. Psychotronic audio. It’s like two nutters on a farm in the wilds — which isn’t so far from the truth — got an old radio to tune into the flight deck of a UFO while it committed low-level strafing runs on the minds of the Western world. It is pulsing and alien and lovely, and I haven’t heard anything like it all year.

– Warren Ellis

Download your copy of UHF from iTunes, Amazon or direct from the Exotic Pylon Greedbag Store [click here]

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