Skeewiff – Man Turns Animal (For the Erotic Pleasures of Women…And men)

Skeewiff returns to Pedigree Cuts with his latest album offering, living up to the usual high standards set by this multi-talented producer. Here’s what the good people of Pedigree Cuts have to say about the release…


Man Turns Animal (For the erotic pleasures of women.. andmen) is a collection of some of our finest work of late. We kick it all off with a number of re-wiffs from the magnificent Syd Dale… one of the greatest composers EVER… We have always been big fans of Syd’s and whilst crate digging for the KPM remixes we unearthed a few more belters that simply had to be re-wiffed. We hope we have done them justice!


From the same stable (and also discovered in the same way) we have a couple more skeemixes from Steve Gray, Leader & Budtree who had recorded on Syd’s own legendary label Amphonic back in the early seventies. Skee-regulars will also be quick to spot that we have some new tracks featuring skee-favourite Vanessa Contenay, who first appeared on the Breaks of the unexpected album and joins us again for Mr Debonair, Heatwave and the über exotic “Jet Set Zoom Zoom”!


We hope you thoroughly enjoy the album as much as we did making it! Big Loves! x X x


Man Turns Animal (For the Erotic Pleasures of Women…And men) is now available from all major online digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon and 7digital.


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