Hataken – Ascension


The future is now. A shamanic soul speaking through virtual softwares and analogue hardware, Japan’s Hataken channels the language of the machine to create a unique sonic experience.

The output of Hataken’s creations flow like a musical narrative, and in 2012 he has shared a multitude of compositions chronicling the story of this dynamic year, leading up to the Mayan beginning of the Fifth Sun.

His first full length release for TKG Music is “Ascension,” an eight track album culled from the prolific producer’s immense stream of studio output. It spans a spectrum of tempos and textures within ambient, improvisational jazz, downtempo, and experimental to create modern spiritual music.

Improvisation is at the center of Hataken’s musical art, using the manipulation of electric audio frequencies in real time and an instinctual link to the pulse of analog hardware. Anyone that’s seen a real live 808 or a modular synth knows the ghosts in the soul of the machine take a deft hand to control. Hataken takes the wow and flutter that is midi clocks, tubes, tape heads, wave shapes and modules and channels them from a studio Tower Of Babel and turns it into a universal language, all in the moment

Ascension” cover all territories, from the shimmering vibes and house tempo pulse of “2012: Open The Gate” to “Blue And White Sky With Sunshine” and its invocations of what Apex Twin might have done had he made Selected ambient Works Vol 3. “Spring Flowers” invokes the pastoral electronics of classic Plaid while “Saturday Morning” is a free jazz riff reminiscent of Herbie Hancock.

For as much as Ascension is based around improvisation and creation in the moment, there’s also a very distinct thought process and philosophy behind it as well.

In Hataken’s own words:

“From the early 90’s, I realized about ascension. It is to heal, awaken, and gain confidence for life, so that I believe in myself and use the full specifications of myself. Life is what we choose, and sound can lead our thoughts. So, I simulate many experiences by music to realize what is important in life. This is why I make music for people! Ascension is very close to us and subtle. It is all around us, and manifests in natural ways if we are open. Surprising things happen which release us from the gravity of our usual life. When we tune in to these subtleties, our hopes, thoughts, and imagination change with this new perception of value.”

Hataken has been creating music since the early 80’s, and has collaborated with renowned producers from all over the globe, including Richard Sharpe of the Shamen (as Ken Machines), DJ Olive (with Dr. Atomo as Belotone) and Gunshae’s Lady Eve.

Hataken’s improvisational electronic jazz group with saxophonist Daisuke Fujiwara, Quartzhead