oMMM – Re-animator volume one


oMMM is Edmund Davie, the originator and currently sole proponent of an exciting new sound called Bedcore. Bedcore is what happens when acid house can’t be arsed to get up in the morning. Or evening. When it does, it generally moves around in a decrepit fashion. Re-animator will come in an arc of three volumes, this being the first. It was taken from tape, mastered and then put back again by Dan Hayhurst from Sculpture. The design concept is by Michael Forrest. Edmund also operates as DJ Negative Skills.

This honks like a ten pack of Sovereign and an ale spaffed leather jacket. It’s basically “Scum” for the permo-daylight-denied-bedroom-ridden-by-choice-bloc. Tin foil hats, Paul Nichols going bastshit, King Jammy groping into a decaying sack full of scratched to fuck PS1 discs and gouging out one-riddim clumps of flesh pockmarked with Tesco Value nanobots and doing a proper Denis Nielsen on the remains over 24 micro-blurts that perfectly encapsulate the sheer hate-inducing pointlessness of life on the margins of a culture mired in dissociation and poverty porn. This might have been bracketed as industrial, once upon a time. And it does riff on some of the most self-consciously ostracised and singularly hermetic broadcasts from the post-TG cassette underground. But it’s quite probably had a fair bit more mundane sex than those folks. Not that it never thought about ball gags and glory holes… I mean, the whole beautiful buzz, hiss and trickle that cakes every pore of this lolloping, bus stop desecrating noise is clearly a massive pervert… but oMMM isn’t into any of that circus act shit. No kvlt balls. No bigging up the Dandy fucking Warhols. None more bleak transmissions only. Well in.

Download your copy of Re-animator volume one either via Exotic Pylon’s own store [click here], or from any major online digital retailer including iTunes, Amazon and Boomkat.

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