Slow Listener – The Long Rain


Exotic Pylon Records‘ latest release comes from Brighton-based producer Slow Listener

The Long Rain is a genuinely unsettling experience. In fact, it’s really fucking strange. Slow Listener began life in 2007 as a noise / drone project. Kim Gordon once painted a picture of it because she liked the name. Its sole protagonist Robin Dickinson hit a creative rupture after a couple of years, a dead end that pushed him into incorporating “composition, concrete, field recordings and whatever the hell it takes to sound interesting to himself.

What remains is a dead–star galaxy away from your standard dark ambient hoopla. This is a portal into a mirror-image world where only vague barely recognisable traces of life remain. It’s like finding the burnt out remnants of Ubik in an old film canister. I don’t think it’s safe there but it’s like nothing else and there’s something utterly addictive about its horrible desolate beauty.

In 1912 William Hope Hodgson wrote one of the most bizarre pieces of literature in the weird fiction canon. The Night Land traces the lives of survivors on a distant-future Earth who are living in a giant metal pyramid long after the sun has burnt itself out…. The Long Rain could well be the lost soundtrack to that book.

The Long Rain can be purchased directly from Exotic Pylon’s own Greedbag store [click here], and from all major online retailers including iTunes,  Amazon and Boomkat.

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