Hakan Lidbo – The World Record Record


Never before attempted, We Are Woodville are proud to present an unthinkable and incredulous global project born from musical insanity and created with the sonic super powers of perhaps the globes most audacious, prolific and inventive disco pioneer and sonic artist Hakan Lidbo. What does this all mean? Simply put; 57 (ever tried to herd cats?) producers from our galaxy were given a short piece of music as inspiration to compose and record four bars of music. Everything was composed, arranged and then edited by Hakan Lidbo into a unique composition called The World Record Record (57). You might think it’d be the more the merrier, 57 varieties or do more cooks spoil just that broth? Wouldn’t 57 random dance producers just crash the groove or would they blend those beats in perfect harmony? Our friend Hakan Lidbo has managed the experiment to find out.

Some background on Professor Lidbo…

Hakan has produced over 300 record releases in his sonic adventure so far and this project is a perfect bedfellow for his other eclectic aural odyssey.  He has broadcast music into outer space from Spaceport Sweden (perhaps one of his least listened to releases) but the music was not made for human ears but an alien audience.

Hakan recently did a project with perhaps the most incompetent synth players ever where 6 spieces of Monkeys were asked to play one synth each.

The World Record Record is available from all major online retailers, including iTunes, Amazon and Greedbag. All proceeds from this project go to Amnesty International.

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