New from Static Caravan: Bonus Skor EP

Bonus Skor is a shoe shop in Reykjavik , Iceland. This is where Laura J Martin went to demo tracks for her new album but ended up in a Studio with Mike Lindsay (Tunng/ Cheek Mountain Thief). Over salt liquorish and Jameson’s whiskey they forged a 20min travelogue of four tracks segued together with field recordings and to be issued on Static Caravan in Mid November. There is no other way to say it but ‘Flute Wrangler’ Laura J Martin is back with a follow up to the lauded ‘The Hangman Tree’.

No stranger to touring and collaborating, having previous stints with Euros Childs and Norman Blake’s ‘Jonny’, Radio sessions a plenty and a stint on the festival circuit (The Green Man proving a major hit this time as she played opposite the bloated Van the Man). Laura set off Reykjavik to record with Mike Lindsay (Tunng and Cheek Mountain Thief). The proposed solo record was put on the back burner whilst they recorded a EP of collaborations.  A Travelogue of her visit, mashing field recordings with Lindsay’s wonky pop and then brought back to the UK for a citrus fresh session with Benge at the Mastering filter station.

Bonus Skor is available from Static Caravan’s own Greedbag store [click here], as well as all major retailers including iTunes, Boomkat and Amazon.


“Just pop enough to fit these pages of experimental music, but also with enough experiment inside the idiom of pop so you know this will never be mainstream” (Vital Weekly)

“reference wise admirers of fever ray, caroline weeks and takako minekawa should find themselves suitably satiated for here a magically shy eyed and breathtaking aural landscape is scratched and etched” (Losing Today)

“A stunning piece of work” (DJ Magazine)

“This is a continually fascinating EP, both familiar and foreign, that feels like the magnetic call of the mermaid (and mer-man).” (Folly Of Youth blog)

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